The Camden School of Enlightenment

What's the Camden School of Enlightenment?

It's an evening of microlectures, poems, stories, songs and jokes from resident lecturers, special guests and floor-spot espontaneos.

It is a cabaret for the inquiring modern mind, where Vorderman meets Vaudeville, and is lovingly curated by Headmaster of Ceremonies Mike West. Also featuring The Dead Poet Society: a performance poet who is no longer with us will be given new life by a poet who, tube strikes permitting, will be.

Come to learn! Come to teach! Or come to sit quietly at the back with the stickle bricks!

The Camden School of Enlightenment is brought to you by Vintage Poison.

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If you have a suggestion for someone or something you'd like to see at a future School, email Timewasters welcome.